Usually the People of São Tomé e Príncipe are not used to USB devices. A Design and Social Economy Project changed all and a simple flash stick became the symbol for crossing the borders of two different worlds.

SEED 2006is a project, which synergiezes the potential of craftsmen from the Equator’s line and designers from Europe by merging traditional techniques, new technologies, social responsibility and sustainability. The wooden USB pen crafted by São Tomé prisoners has been the most demanding workshop due to the aspects of security,  hierarchy and respect. Surprisingly the process did show that the concept of producing something valuable needed from the „outside“ brought back the presence of social re-insertation as new horizon.

SEED 2006 was financially supported by the Portuguese Cooperation and was developed by the Designer Pedro Alegria in partnership with the NGO Santa Casa da Misericórdia de São Tomé e Príncipe, through the manager of the Ossobô EcoSocial component, Patrick de Carvalho.